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You talkin' to me? 

Yeah, we're talkin' to you! Hit us up for whatever you need: bagel spreads, catering, Brooklyn travel tips, clarification on Nu Yawk lingo, our favourite Seinfeld or Girls episodes, Nets scores, whatever. Just don't ask us about cronuts or Sex in the City cupcakes - save those for those marmalukes who fake the real thing. Other than that, we're all ears.

36 Flood Street
Bondi, NSW 2010

+61 425 290 720

Brooklyn Boy Bagels is an artisan producer of authentic New York bagels using proper traditional techniques and based in Sydney, Australia. We are the slow food version of these Polish-Jewish breads, using two-day cold fermentation processes, kettle boiling, hand rolling and baking on handcrafted wooden bagel boards. The bakery is the result of the vision of Brooklyn-born food writer Michael Shafran, who has been based in Australia for the past 13 years and wanted to bring a taste of home to his adopted country.

Brooklyn Boy Bagels Cafe @ CIrcular Quay

Best New Sydney Cafes of 2019:

The Circular Quay cafe is a little bit bagelry and a little bit New York deli, complete with recent issues of the New Yorker for diners’ perusal
— Broadsheet Sydney

Where we At

Gateway Building
1 Macquarie Place, Level 1, Shop 6
Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000

Mon-Fri // 7.30am-4pm

To find us, go to the Gateway Building ramp at the corner of Loftus St and Reiby Pl (near Mary’s Underground). Walk up the ramp, and we’re before the entrance to the left, across from Tokyo Laundry.

Entering via Circular Quay? Go up the escalators to Level 1, turn right and enter the glass doors to the corporate lobby. Walk all the way through and out the doors of the Reiby Pl entrance. We’re outside to the right.